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Terminal and customs terminal services TurkuWe have our own customs terminal in Turku, Oriketo

Upon agreement, we will unload the goods directly into our terminal to await further delivery. If necessary, we will arrange logistics services to cover delivery to the final customer.

We want to facilitate and accelerate the operation of transport companies, reduce excessive mileage, and reduce other costs. We will assist transport companies in handling new and continually changing challenges by being available around the clock 24/7, every day of the year.

An efficient and swift team at your service

Both international and national operators utilize our terminal services. Our efficient team will always offer personalized services and work around the clock if needed to ensure competent terminal and warehousing operations.

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Terminal services as an all-inclusive package

We have several loading docks at our disposal, which enable simultaneous operation. Our loading docks are suitable for vans, smaller and larger trucks, as well as small and large-wheeled trailers and shipping containers. We also provide side loading and unloading.

We will modify loads with cargo straps and corner protectors, which includes repairing of loosened bindings. Well-planned is halfway done, so please ask us for assistance when you are thinking about superb and rational unloading plans.

Customs terminal and other personal services

Our terminal operations also include a customs terminal, short-term warehousing, and, upon request, arranging shipping orders to a service provider of your choice.

Thanks to our long-standing experience, we can help with the planning of freight, driving arrangements as well as traffic management. This way, unexpected circumstances such as sudden sick leaves or substitutions never catch you by surprise, and you will be able to serve your clients without any supply failures.

Our client says

Oy Axel Williamsson Oy

”Together, we are often able to resolve transportation issues of clients. Customer-oriented and reliable partner. ”

Annica Fant
Chief executive officer
Oy Axel Williamsson Oy

You will always receive quality service from us, regardless of the size of your company - Contact us and ask for more!