Comprehensive terminal and customs terminal services | Turku, the Port of Turku

Frans Logistics Solutions Ltd strives to ease and speed up the operations of transportation companies, and reduce unnecessary mileage and other expenses. If you need us, we’ll be open 24/7, every day of the year; because we help transportation companies meet the new and ever-changing challenges of our time.

Comprehensive terminal service package

We have several loading wharfs in use, which means we can operate several transport units simultaneously. Our wharfs are suitable for vans, small and large trucks, and trailers and containers with big or small tires, in addition to which, we can handle side loaders. We can fix any loose tie down straps or modify your cargo the way you want by using ratchet straps and edge protectors. If necessary, we can also come up with appropriate unloading plans.

Our extensive experience allows us to help you with cargo planning, dispatching, and traffic management. That way, we can ease our customers’ operations in surprising situations,including cases of illness, or vacation times.

Our terminal operations include customs terminal, short-term clearance of shipments and, on request, placing transportation orders to the service provider of your choice.

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