Safe warehousing and reliable warehouse services | Turku, the Port of Turku

Frans Logistic Solutions Ltd offers warehousing services for small and medium sized businesses, as well as international large-scale enterprises. Our location right next to the Port of Turku comes with easy access everywhere; you can bring your products and cargo using any means of transportation and at all hours. You can feel safe leaving your products in our warehouse for even a longer period of time, as it has camera surveillance.

Customised warehousing services

Our warehousing services are always customised to meet our customers’ needs. We are happy to do picking and palletising, in addition to which we offer various value-added services ranging from labelling and packaging to customs declarations and small assemblies. Furthermore, we can host your e-shop. For our long-term renters, we offer inventory services on a monthly basis, if needed.

Our services also include operating shipping containers and other means of transportation. We have several loading wharfs of different height, which allows for loading and unloading of cargo from mega trucks to vans. And, dealing with side loaders is no problem!

We can organise the transportation of your shipments onward in Finland and abroad. Our great and fast co-partners make it possible for us to move your shipments on short notice. Domestic transportations leave our joint terminal warehouse daily, using the nationwide Fennoway network.

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